Your Engaged! Now What?

Congratulations on your engagement! You’re in love, and you’re embarking on a life as soul mate. Right now you’re on cloud nine. On your finger rests the promise of the future. I bet you’ve never felt so alive. What should you do next? Here is my best advice:

  • LIVE IN THE MOMENT: Enjoy the feeling. Revel in the joy that you and your fiance are feeling AT THIS MOMENT. For now, simply enjoy the outpouring of LOVE from all of your family and friends and show off that ring on your finger!
  • DREAM: Once the dust has settled and you’ve shared the big news with everyone, start dreaming. Get online and start getting ideas!
  • ORGANIZE YOUR IDEAS: Make an inspiration binder. Use the tabs for categories such as gown, venue, decor, music, food and beverage. Pull pages from the magazines, and print photos from websites. Now start filling your binder. Having your ideas organized and in one place will save your sanity. There is no reason to keep stacks of magazines filled with inspiration you don’t need.
  • START A PINTEREST PAGE: Start a page just for your wedding. This is a page you will share with your planner and floral designer. Knowing exactly the look you’re trying to achieve will save you and your vendors precious time. Worried your friends and family will see all the top secret details of your wedding? Never fear…Pinterest allows you to create a secret page that you can share with only those who need to see it.
  • BUDGETING: Next step is setting a budget. Not fun and pretty, I know, but it’s necessary. Get the money issues out of the way and let the fun begin. Before you can start planning your dream day, you must know what you can and can’t afford. The budget will be the road map for every single decision you make. Whether you’re paying for your wedding yourself, or getting support from your family members, you must decide what the overall budget is. Only then, can you begin choosing venues, vendors, and even your wedding gown.
  • HIRE A WEDDING PLANNER: The earlier the better. By getting a jump on the planner’s experience, you’ll avoid costly mistakes. Her fee will pay for itself when she helps you to make every penny of your budget work for you. As a planner I know how to take your priorities, your individual style and theme, and break down your budget. This means you get the absolute BEST for your hard earned dollars. Allocating your dollars to the proper categories, shows me which vendors are “right for you”. A planner’s years of experience and respect in the industry will also garner YOU preferred pricing and extras, you could never negotiate on your own.

    Rely on a planner’s hard earned resources. Sure planning websites have vendor directories. The best of those even have real reviews. But, have you looked at any yet? In just the category of photography, one site listed over 75, in Los Angeles alone. Orange County has 60! Planners work hard to know “who’s who” in the industry. A seasoned planners will save you time and money by streamlining the process for you. A planner’s true VALUE to you is her database and resource list. The other half is the ability to execute those resources into a magnificent, and stress free day.

These are just a few tips to get you started. I offer you a FREE CONSULTATION to determine your needs and explain how my expertise can be of VALUE TO YOU. My heartfelt congratulations to you and your fiance.

Now….go stare at that shiny ring some more, and shower your fiance with love and kisses. Then call me to set up your consultation. It would be my honor to become your partner in planning.

About weddingjeannie

Los Angeles Wedding Planner, designing & managing luxury weddings of distinction for Southern California couples, that reflect their style and personalities.

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Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

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Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

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