Do You Want More? Or Less?

By now you’ve seen those commercials on television with the kids sitting around a class room,with a business man in a suit, discussing what’s better. Bigger or smaller, faster or slower, more or less.

The basic premise is to ask kids common sense questions and see how they answer them. The tag line for the series is, “It’s Not Complicated”. The goal is to show adults that our choices have become so complicated because of “hype”, that we no longer use common sense. By stripping it down to common sense, with one or the other options, we should pick the better option right?

I’m a wedding planner, so I’ll use my profession as an example. Are you looking for a planner? Do you want MORE? Or Less? Of course you want MORE…it’s common sense. But couples today are consistently choosing less. By choosing cheap, DAY OF, wedding planners with little or no experience to manage their weddings, they are getting LESS.

An experienced wedding planner has all the MORE you deserve. MORE EXPERIENCE working at real weddings, MORE EXPERIENCE solving problems that arise at weddings, MORE EXPERIENCE with vendor relations, timelines, floor plans, deliveries and set-ups, not to mention MORE VENDORS in her vendor list, that are available to you. Her vendor list alone is a virtual who’s who in the wedding industry broken down by category, budget range, and quality of work. Trust me it takes years of hard work and experience to build a vendor list like that. The LESS planner would kill for my list.

I know what you’re saying to yourself..I can see you through the screen, rolling your eyes! You’re saying “I have a budget, I can’t afford MORE”. Common sense would tell you that cheaper is better. In all honestly, I don’t offer cheaper. I OFFER MORE. Instead of a DAY OF PACKAGE, I OFFER A MONTH OF PACKAGE, that includes MORE. It cost’s a little more, but you deserve it.

Wedding Jeannie lacing up corset for Bride Rita

Wedding Jeannie lacing up corset for Bride Rita

Example: You want beautiful images with your mom and maids helping you into your beautiful wedding gown. You also want pictures of you and your new husband (doesn’t that sound nice?) cutting your cake and feeding it to each other. OOOPS, LESS planner didn’t realize that the photographer’s package was only for 7 hours, and his contracted hours are up before the cake cutting.  She convinces him to stay. After all, he’s not completely insensitive. However, he requires an additional hourly fee, and he wants it in cash….now. Who’s going to go and ask your dad for some cash? What an awkward position to be put in on the happiest day of your life.

That AFFORDABLE DAY OF OPTION, wasn’t such a great idea after all. She didn’t save you money, she cost you money.  The MORE planner knew this up front, when she read your contract 30 days ago, warned you about it, helped you negotiate more time at a discounted rate with the photographer over a month ago, thereby saving you money.

I heard a saying recently that says “You think it’s expensive to hire a professional? Wait until you hire a NOVICE. That’s the truth about hiring inexperienced DAY OF planners.

Now ask yourself again. Do I Want MORE? Or Do I Want Less? It’s not complicated…of course you want MORE. You deserve MORE. So pay a little more for an experienced wedding planner. She will save you time, stress and money. Thanks for taking the time to consider the options. Back to your regularly scheduled program…..

About weddingjeannie

Los Angeles Wedding Planner, designing & managing luxury weddings of distinction for Southern California couples, that reflect their style and personalities.

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  1. The Wedding Jeannie is THE MORE wedding planner! She goes above and beyond!

  2. Two haircut places side by side.
    One says “$5 Haircuts!”
    The one beside it says…”We fix $5 Haircuts!”

    • Tracey, I enjoy your visual example. Unfortunately in weddings, as you know…there is only one day. After the day is done, it cant be fixed. So unfortunate to see couples being taken advantage of.

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Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

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Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

Los Angeles Wedding Planner. Design & Production of Luxury Southern California Weddings

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